Rothiemurchus Diving Ospreys

Rothiemurchus osprey pool

With young Ospreys hatching now and over the next period the adults will be at full stretch feeding the hungry chicks.  Hopefully the well-stocked Osprey diving pond at Rothiemurchus will supply a good amount of trout for the regular birds that visit from the surrounding area.

Now in its second season and with a few tweaks from last year it is with great anticipation I look forward to the coming season. Two new low level hides and the edges of pond cleaned up allowing for cleaner backgrounds, it is certainly looking the part.  In the end up does not matter what you do it is the Ospreys that matter and so far in early part of the season things are looking positive with good activity from a variety of different birds. With chicks now hatching can only presume dives will increase.

Osprey, Rothiemurchus Osprey, Rothiemurchus

Most of my own visits have been guiding other photographers in the early morning shift but have managed one evening session myself, as I had all ways wanted to try some backlit shots. A perfect evening with good light and reasonable favourable wind direction I got myself settled into hide. Did not have to wait long perhaps 40 minutes when I seen a bird heading for the pond. A couple of circles round the pond and swoop in low over the water, this was looking promising, next pass over I could see the wings folding into dive position and down it came, splash it hit the water and I locked on and fired a burst of shots trying to keep tracking the bird, within a few seconds it had banked round the front of hide and away again but it had missed, chances are it would have another go. With my heart now pumping in anticipation of what was going to happen next, whoosh it was in again and this time it was in the water floundering as it grips the fish.  A big push and its now skimming the top of the water as he gains speed and upward momentum, after a few meters its clear of the water and picking up speed and I have lost the focus (a few expletives) sure you can work out what they were !!!! Anyway was sure had got some good shots of first few meters of take of. I could see the fish wriggling frantically as it went on its final journey so knew that bird wouldn’t be back. Time for a look to see what I had captured, please be something. Phew a few and a couple look really promising, typically a couple of crackers have the head obscured by its wing  ,which inevitably does happen in a sequence. Sadly did loose focus at one vital stage so angry with myself (room for improvement Neil) as I curse myself.  Anyway will reserve full judgement till get back to my mac. Once home and done edit was happy with a couple and the evening light did look rather nice so had to satisfied really. Best two shots are the ones you see here of  Blue XD , a bird we had seen visiting a few times last year. These other images you see are from my most recent visit this year and are of an unidentified bird. However he does seem to be a regular.

Osprey, Rothiemurchus Osprey, Rothiemurchus Osprey, Rothiemurchus

With Rothiemurchus having a busy booking spell over July –August  sure there will be many more Osprey images from many photographers to be seen over the next few months. Anyone lucky enough to get a few dives will soon realize how addictive it is , cant put my finger on it exactly but it is one of these experiences that just gets a hold of you. Who ever comes will know exactly what I mean. The bird with fish, below, is Blue DF a favourite bird also returned again this year.

Osprey, Rothiemurchus Osprey, Rothiemurchus

I have my own Diving Osprey tour next year, keep an eye on photo tour page on website for details coming soon.

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