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Mountain Hare tucked up below peat bank, sheltering from gale force winds.

Hello everyone and welcome to my new website and indeed to my first blog post.  The old website had its day and was long overdue an update to say the least , in the end up decided just to go full hog for complete new site, with all new image’s largely taken over the past 2 years and hopefully improved the photo tour information side of things also. Instead of having the Scottish Wild Images site and my own website have now incorporated it all in to this one . Will not make any rash promises but fully intend to keep the blog updated reasonable well , at least one a month or more depending if got anything of interest that crops up. While on the topic of websites a big thank you to Neil at Dancing Dog for all his work and ideas.

Just a little update on what been going on and what is coming . Mainly been busy with photography tours which continue to be popular, so will strive to keep the ever popular Red Squirrels, Crested tits etc going along as well as the new Red Deer day which you can see more about on the photo tour page. Not long till Black grouse lek either , weekends all full up but availability still ok mid week if anyone interested. And of course the new Osprey diving pond at Rothiemurchus is very exciting for the forthcoming summer so will keep you up to date with that. As for my own pictures managed to get some bits and bobs but difficult to get really stuck into anything as clients photo tours take priority at the moment. Have included a couple of most recent shots here, both taken when out on photo tours with folks last week when weather was so bad would not normally have gone out and just shows what you can still get despite the weather sometimes.

Crested tit, on branch of old pine.
Crested tit, on branch of old pine.
Mountain Hare tucked up below peat bank, sheltering from gale force winds.
Mountain Hare tucked up below peat bank, sheltering from gale force winds.

Have just finished Judging the first round of the Scottish Nature Photography Awards, quite a task with around 2500 entries this year. I have to say some top images in there this year and will be a very hard task indeed to pick the winning shots in the next stage.

Sorry not the most exciting blog to get started with but hopefully next time will be 🙂 . Thanks for now.

4 thoughts on “Neil McIntyre Photography – welcome

  1. Neil,
    Revised site looks really good, pleased to see you are about to set up a blog and will pop in from time to time to see how you are doing. Looking forward to your Mull tour, good luck with the rest of your tours. Mike B.

  2. Hi Neil. Great to see your new site – and a Blog too.! Really enjoy seeing your new images and I hope to read your future blog posts. You are a very talented photographer and have certainly inspired me to continue down my own path. Nice look to the site – makes me realise how much I need to change mine.! All the best.

  3. Thanks for a great day out photographing red squirrels, crested tit and grouse. I enjoyed every minute and have come home with some images that I’m very proud of. I’d recommend Neil’s photo tours to anyone considering spending some time in the Highlands. All the very best for the future and I hope to join you on another tour sometime soon. Richard A.

  4. Hi Neil. Fantastic morning with you and the squirrels. Have some amazing photos and I am delighted with them. Thank you for your advice and help. Thank you. Best wishes Jennifer

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