Gitzo GT4552TS Systematic series 4

(new updated version GT4553S)

Key features

  • This model ticks every box for me. It is carbon fibre so it is light to carry around but still strong and stable. With 5 sections it closes down to just 48cm so it is great for carrying on a backpack or if you travel abroad fitting into a suitcase.
  • Systematic range have no centre columns so they are fantastic for distributing the weight of large telephoto lenses thus you get a very sturdier secure platform for your lens.
  • Tripod legs can widen out to three different points so on uneven ground you can adjust one leg or all three to suit the terrain. For low-level work spread all three legs out and you can almost work at ground level.
  • Feet can be swapped about with various options available to suit type of ground or surface you on.
  • A top quality tripod is a must and something that is particularly overlooked when you are starting out. Buying cheap wobbly tripods is false economy and only thing they will do is frustrate you. Buy as good a tripod as you can, if it’s a Gitzo they are more of an investment so to speak and will last you years. My oldest one is over 10 years old and it is still in full use for my landscape work.