Otters in Focus 2018

Otters epitomize true wildlife photography. First you have to find them then pit your wits against them, a true challenge and even then you need a wee bit of luck thrown in to get pictures of them. These are true wild creatures so keep that in mind as this is what makes them so special and the wildlife photography test they present.

Wild Mull 2019

Join myself and Jackie Walker, my co-guide, for the week on the wonderful Isle of Mull. This trip is now in it’s 8th year and continues to be a firm favourite with guests, many returning for a second time such is the appeal of Mull and it’s abundant wildlife.

Red Squirrel Photography Hide

Set within the ancient Caledonian pine forest this hide is located in prime red squirrel habitat. Surrounded by towering old pine trees and glorious silver birch all set amongst a carpet of heather, there is an endless array of images for you to challenge yourself to achieve.

Wild Shetland 2019

Shetland is a fantastically wild place and is home to several world-renowned seabird colonies. To stand on the cliffs above Hermaness and Noss and look across the towering sea cliffs thronging with gannets and other seabirds is indescribable, it truly is a wondrous sight and I would say to any nature photographer its places you have to see and experience at least once in your life.

Crested Tits Photography

Located in old Caledonian Pine forest, the preferred habitat of the crested tit, this site has an abundance of lichen covered perches, old pines and knarled branches in which you can photograph this rare pine forest specialist in. Also there are no hides so total freedom to alter position to vary from back lit to front lit and background colour.

Red Deer Photography Day

A full day photographing arguable Scotlands most iconic mammal. We will travel to a stunning location with amazing backdrops of mountains and lochs to see and photograph this animal at its very best.

Available November- early April

Species in Focus 1-1 days

These trips offer the optimum chance to experience the wildlife and photo opportunities of the Cairngorms and surrounding area. The day or days are structured to suit the individual’s experience and skill level.We target Red Squirrels, Crested tits (seasonal), Mountain Hare, Red Deer, Red Grouse and Ptarmigan, to name a few.

Cairngorm Big 5 (2019)

This newly designed trip is dedicated to the Big 5 of the Cairngorms National Park. Red Squirrel, Crested Tit, Mountain Hare, Ptarmigan, Red Deer. These creatures are some of the most sought after species in many wildlife photographers wish list. This unique tour will give you the chance to capture them all within the duration of one trip. We will visit some wonderful locations and habitats from the ancient Caledonian Pine forest through majestic moorland before ascending to the high tops of the Cairngorm mountains.