Species in Focus 1-1 days

In the Highlands of Scotland we are blessed with some iconic species, many of them are top of any wildlife photographers bucket list. Indeed ones like the crested tit can only be found in Highlands.

Species In Focus days are geared towards giving you the very best chance possible to gain some memorable images of these chosen species and the 1-1 or 1-2 days offers the best opportunity to achieve this. We can target a particular animal or bird or in some instances both or several of them dependent on the number of days you choose.

Whatever your chosen species, full comprehensive guidance will be given on how to approach and then photograph the subject. You will be given some valuable field craft and photography skills to take away with you to use in the future as well as, and hopefully more importantly, a better understanding and appreciation of the wildlife. All subjects are approached in a sensitive manner to keep any disturbance to the absolute minimum. Each of the species will offer a different challenge and approach so you will be able to gain first-hand knowledge through my tuition in all of these techniques and skills.

If you choose one day only, there are some species like the Ptarmigan that would be the only subject possible in a day. However, other species like Red squirrels and Crested tits or Mountain Hare and Red Grouse you can do on the same day. If you book multiple days more species can be covered. Listed below are the various subjects available for these days.

Ptarmigan (All year) (Fitness level required and also weather dependent) (on occasions £15 surcharge also applies for mountain train ticket)

Mountain Hare (From November till April and also from mid August till mid September.

Red Deer (From November till mid March)

Crested Tits ( From mid September till early March)

Red Squirrels ( All year)

Red Grouse ( From mid August till mid April)

Otters (further costs apply to otters, please contact me for more details and dates available)

Roe Deer (Mid July till early September – early mornings and evenings only)



1 to 1
(one day) £275
(two days) £500
(three days) £750
(four days) £1000

1 to 2
(one day) £340
(two days) £580
(three days) £840


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