Red Squirrel Photography Hide

(In ancient pine forest setting)

In partnership with Rothiemurchus Estate

Set within the ancient Caledonian pine forest this hide is located in prime red squirrel habitat. Surrounded by towering old pine trees and glorious silver birch all set amongst a carpet of heather, there is an endless array of images for you to challenge yourself to achieve. Choose from intimate portraits, sitting on gnarled stump perches, jumping, running & chasing, behavioural, feeding, the list goes on as there are many other spontaneous opportunities for you to try and capture.

Available all year round allowing you to see the squirrels in all seasons. From winter when they are in full winter coats with large ear tufts and of course the chance of snow. Autumn when the birch trees foliage has turned golden yellow offering stunning autumnal backgrounds. Summer should also not be overlooked with the squirrels in their redder pelage and once mid August arrives the chance to photograph them amongst the heather in its splendid purple bloom.

In the hide there is ample room for 4 guests plus their gear, there are viewing hatches on three sides of the hide, the front and one on each side, allowing you to photograph a wide area of the forest. Comfortable armchairs allow you to enjoy the squirrels in comfort whilst drinking the Tea/coffee, hot chocolate and biscuits which are provided. Distance to the hide is a 10-minute gentle walk from parking area, which includes one small incline.

On the day of your visit I will meet you at a pre-arranged location on Rothiemurchus and accompany you to the hide where I will then show you how to make the most of the session.  Then I will leave you to concentrate and enjoy the squirrels returning at the end of your session to guide you back out. If you wanted a fully guided sessions they are available. Please contact me for further information regarding these.


There is a wide range of images possible from the hide and depending on what type of pictures you are after will dictate which lens is best. I would recommend you take a couple lenses with you. A 70-200mm for wider environmental type shots and for other images anything from 300mm to 600mm are all perfectly fine. Various camera supports can be used from tripods & monopods to beanbags as the hide has a wide shelve all the way round the viewing hatches. Beanbags are supplied along with plates to attach your gimbal or mono ball head onto.

Available: All year


£80 per person for a morning or afternoon session.
£130 per person for a full day session.
£200 per person if you book 3 consecutive ½ day sessions
(can be either morning or afternoon or a mixture of both. )
£250 Exclusive hide use ½ day session if you want hide to yourself or your own group.
£420 Exclusive hide use for full day session if you want hide to yourself or your own group.

To book and arrange your session :

Mobile: 07875 862836
Landline: 01479 810545

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